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At Home With Genesis P-Orridge

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge lives in a section of Manhattan tucked below the Williamsburg Bridge and fairly far east towards the river. She's listed as "G. P-Orridge" on the buzzer in the lobby, and then she's just five or six flights up in a building filled with mostly older people and enough observant Jews that they turn the working elevators off on Friday nights to observe the rules of the Sabbath. It's a funny place for her to be, a normal, average New York building for a philosopher Queen whose very resistance to anything bland or boring has made her a hero to so many people. She seems to love it, though, and it was in that comfortable space that she opened up to us about her life, her philosophy and a new collaboration with streetwear brand Mishka that's allowed her to spread her ideas even farther than they've been before.

If you don't know much about Genesis, there's too much to explain in one blog post, so before watching our interview with her, read our recent article from F73 to get a sense of who she is.

At Home With Genesis P-Orridge