Video: A Tribe Called Quest Perform “Rhythm (Art Of Moving Butts)” Live in 1990

Tribe Called Quest archival measures are at a all time high in recent days. First we saw their heretofore unknown demo tape from 1989 pop up on eBay, where it eventually sold for $880. Rumor has it that a certain shadowy and famous DJ pulled the trigger on that purchase. An entirely different rumor that I just made up has it that he intends to take the tape to his grave with him without ever playing it for anyone else, not even his loved ones. He will grip it eternally in pristine condition from behind mausoleum walls fashioned from still-sealed Marva Whitney LPs. And now this surprisingly high quality 1990 footage of unknown origins has popped up on YouTube (courtesy of user Zeke62, who does incredibly important work). When stuff like this starts happening, it sort of makes you wish that the record labels that still existed actually cared about doing proper historical retrospectives for that little major musical and cultural movement called hip-hop. Where’s the rap Rhino at? Until then, incomplete Divshare excerpts and grainy YouTube rips will have to do.

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