Tyler, the Creator On Pace To Sell 40-45k


You might not have heard about him yet—the entertainment media has been awful quiet for some reason—but underground Los Angeles rapper Tyler, the Creator is making quite a splash with his debut album Goblin, which dropped yesterday. Hits Daily Double, a website that projects things, projects that the record’s on pace to sell 40-45k copies in its first week. For those keeping score, that’s a higher first week open than Wale’s debut album (28k) but still much lower than B.O.B.’s (85k). Not bad for a rapper whose two singles to date feature little more than the words “Golf Wang” repeated as their hooks.

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  1. david robinson says:

    u killin it with the odd future posts cuh

  2. prince vince says:

    Sounds like the classic XL/BeggarsBanquet buy up all your own album scam. I’m on to you limey cock smokers.

  3. Bootsy Harput says:

    Fader, please follow common courtesy photography procedures and give http://www.BrickStowell.com credit for his photography. You are liable to legal action for these post.

  4. duh says:

    2 things to think about here:

    1. how many have XL bought?
    2. how much have they spent on production/touring/press/marketing

    i’m betting adele sales are funding this one big time

  5. rEaL taLK says:

    REAL TALK Bootsy Harput. Fader could at least put up an anchor link…
    The coding takes 3 fucking seconds

  6. clarity says:

    1) Bootsy shut up fool. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Fader gave him credit. Right at the top of the page. They never link photographers unless they’re on staff. So chill with all that b.

    2) Only 45k? And that a success?? You’re kidding right? With how much the internets have been going crazy over these cats. At first I thought the author was tripping by actually congratulating. Then I realized Noz wrote it. Then it made sense, Dude jocks.

    3) I guess internets hype doesn’t bring the dollar dollar bills afterall.

  7. motor mouth jones says:

    clarity: noz fixed it on the sneak it wasnt there before\

    youre right about point 2 tho. this shit better go number 1 and fuckin double plaidinum for the amount ink spilled. yonkers had a million views in a day or two. theyve never played a non sold out show. who goes to europe twice after being touring group for like a month. all the white power house management and publicists they got behind them. goblin better do hangover numbers son.

  8. anon says:

    45k is actually pretty remarkable considering we no longer live in the era of record stores buying in bulk and labels counting those as sales and selling 20k is considered great for the average indie artist.

    no one buys shit. soulja boy’s last album sold 13k.

  9. duh says:

    or how about this site (and many, many others) with ads on them for goblin? how many times has fader written about OF or tyler? how are they on the homepage of iTunes? this stuff doesn’t happen by accident ($).

    money buys media but media doesn’t sell records. good music does. don’t get it confused.

  10. haha says:

    you fucks are dumb. their fan base is fucking 13-20 the only thing we buy is food drugs and clothes. they have like 10 free tapes on their tumblr. and goblin DEF isnt gettiing teen girls all wet like BOB and that fucking shit show bruno mars… fuck the money golf wang

  11. TY says:

    now that word is in that he only sold 9K first week, will all the dickriding stop?

  12. David says:

    This isn’t his first full-length since Bastard did come out before it…