This “Mad Love in Crazy Times” Compliation Is the Sweetest Gift

mad love

As a gift to his wife on their fifth wedding anniversary, Yojimbo Billions asked a bunch of his friends—one of whom runs the blog Lyfstyl, who asked a bunch of his friends—to record covers of love songs. The final compilation reaches varying happy heights of electronic-based swooning and sex eyes. There are standout contributions from Galapagos, who remixed Aretha Franklin’s “Oh Me, Oh My” into a perfectly pitched-up stomp-clap affair, and Starfawn, who simultaneously blissed and bummed out Alicia Keys’ “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart.” The unsurprising and rightful star of the comp is Billions himself, releasing a torrent of heart-shaped emoticons with his sprawling cover of John Brion’s theme from Eternal Sunshine. We’re fighting off tears from how much dude loves his lady, how good he is at showing it.

Download: Yojimbo Billions and Lyfstyl’s Mad Love in Crazy Times Compilation

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  1. Tilo says:

    Check out LYFSTYL’s last compilation Blissful Allusion featuring all new tracks from Teeel, Sun Glitters, Teen Daze, Galapagos, Kohwi and much more it is freaking amazing.

  2. LYFSTYL says:

    Thank you for featuring Mad Love In Crazy Times.

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