Interview: Alley Boy

When did you link up with Gucci Mane? I met Gucci in 2002. He was signed to this label called Str8 Drop Entertainment. I used to deal with them too, record at they studio. Me and Gucci we had a long relationship, before his career took off and everything. When I came home after the second time I been to prison and did two years, in ’05, Gucci he had the song “Icy” out, his thing was going good. He had just got out too so naturally we hooked back up. His situation was moving, so he was like, “Bro, however I can help you, you know Imma help.” We’re friends outside the music. I had the Duct Tape Entertainment thing going with me, we had our movement going so everything started bubbling from there. Everything was making sense.

He’s been through a lot this year—the tattoo, an assault arrest. Do you still talk? You think he’s doing okay? I know Gucci personally, so I know everything isn’t exactly how they put it out in the paper. I’m understanding on his situation totally. I know what’s going on. I don’t look at it how the public might look at it. That’s my friend, so when people talk about him or whatever, I be offended. I know the truth behind the situation. But I’m proud of him for everything. He’s a motivation to me.

What really happened in all this mess with Young L.A.? Of course, I’ve seen the video of you fighting him. Is the fight real? Who filmed it and was it planned? It’s real, you know. I didn’t really want to talk about it, but it’s whatever, I don’t even care cause I wanna get it behind me. L.A. disrespected me. And it wasn’t about the tattoo at all. What happened in the video, that wasn’t a set up. I just so happened to be there and he came over there. He’s coming out of a bathroom. He knew I was there. I saw him when he went in the bathroom, that’s when I was like, “He must think we cool.” So I was like, Imma beat this motherfucker’s ass. So I had a friend of mine record it, since [Yung L.A.] wanna talk shit on World Star or whatever. So I’m like, Record this—when he come out this bathroom I’m gonna beat his ass. My buddies, they knew about it, but it wasn’t no thing planned. It was nothing like that. Period. I was just like, Imma a beat his ass for talking his shit to me. They didn’t really want me to do it. But I was like, I don’t care, he disrespected me. L.A. saying I asked him to take the logo out his face and he put a video out on World Star saying, “Fuck what they said. I got goons behind me.” Oh really? You really gonna go there with me, and you know me? There was more behind it all than the tattoo, that’s what it was.

After that controversy, what’s up with Duct Tape now? Man, we been going crazy. My little brother Trouble came home December the 17th and he dropped his mixtape. I’m in the lab right now working on two mixtapes. I got one on the way that I leaked a song out from the other day, featuring Trey Songz. That’s for the ladies. Imma do a whole tape catering to the ladies. And I’ve been working on The Definition of Fuck Shit 2 with DJ Holiday. I finished that record yesterday me, Holiday and Killer Mike did. I might release both of them in June. And I’m pushing my single “Pocket Full of Money,“ featuring Jeezy. The whole Duct Tape family, we just green light right now. I got the empire behind me. We working on our lives. Everybody’s got a lot of good connects from doing their own thing. We’re putting it all together and making super good gumbo.

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