Interview: Alley Boy


Do you have any kids? Yeah. I have three daughters. Two of them seven and one of them is five.

What are they like? Crazy! Like I got three wives. My kids—one of them like the hyper me, and one of them is like the cool me. And the baby she’s like the old me, when I was just young and wild. It’s crazy, but it’s cool. I enjoy it. I can’t see them not being here. You know, once it’s at that point—you have to be a parent to understand.

Since having kids and coming in and out of lockup a couple times, how have you changed? I done grew up so much. I’m more understanding of people. When things happen to me, people treating us a certain way or I sense something from people, I don’t take it how I would of took it when I was young. I would of gotten mad and reacted different. Now, I know how to blow stuff off and just be like, “It is what it is.” I pray hard, so I ask for the strength to be able to not worry about the things I can’t change, be real accepting and shit. Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m at a point now, when I’m just really about my money. My mom and dad are getting old, my kids getting older. I gotta take care of them. So I’m just trying to lift the load off my family. I’m simple and I know Imma always take care of me. But my people that I love, I wanna make their position a little more comfortable.

As you try to be more accepting, what do you struggle with? I struggle with my anger. I wear my emotions on my sleeves. Things can go bad because it’s hard for me to fake things. Times when I should just play it out and be fake, it’s just kind of hard for me. I show in my face and I give myself away. I’m a Pisces, so I’m emotional. I gotta work on it. That’s my biggest thing but other than that, I put it in god’s hands. I feel that everything that happens is already meant to happen and everything’s gonna be god’s work, period.

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