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Telepathe, "Throw Away This" MP3

A few years back, Telepathe's "Chromes On It" made a lot of people really excited and a lot of people really annoyed. Predating the borrowed screw drum-sludge of groups like Salem, here were two Brooklyn women citing Mannie Fresh as their heaviest influence, marrying his choppy drums with arty synthesizer squeals. It was a messy stew, but it was hearty nonetheless, above all a step into a new direction. Those leaps, even if they are confused, are always to be celebrated. "Chromes On It" will forever be their cross to bear, hybrid potential which they basically ignored on their debut album, Dance Mother. And for the best—songs like "In Your Line," "I Can't Stand It" and "So Fine" showcased their knack for crafting smoldering pop. "Throw Away This," the first new Telepathe we've heard in years, pushes them further from trilling drum machines and closer towards the shimmer-state of glam and freestyle, the direction that most of their songs ultimately pointed, though not necessarily their strangest promise. The song will be released as half of a single on White Iris, with future plans for a full length of hopefully indeterminate genre.

Download: Telepathe, "Throw Away This" (via Stereogum)

Telepathe, "Throw Away This" MP3