Lungu Lungu: Welcome 2 D Future

May 24, 2011

Apparently the end of the world has been either canceled or delayed. The reason is pretty clear to me: FOKN Bois just released their latest album, The FOKN DunaQuest in Budapest, and it needs a bit of space before we can all proceed with the end of times. Surely it will happen—on Ghana time.

The FOKN Bois, aka Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa, are not your average Ghanaian rappers. They reside far from the shady world of payola and corporate sponsorships that seriously limits the recognition of creative artists in Ghana. The Bois are closer to the streets, as exemplified in their amazingly fresh Coz Ov Moni pidgin English musical. Their no payola policy means they're not the most played artists on Ghana's radio stations. However, after spending about 5 seconds on the streets of Accra with Wanlov, it's pretty clear he is incredibly popular, a genuine artist recognized by people from all walks of life.

But forget Ghana for a second. Their latest collaboration with Hungary's Irie Maffia can hardly be pigeon-holed as "Ghana music"—whatever that may mean, anyway. Instead of paraphrasing the story of how the album came to be, I'll let Wanlov tell it. Check the video, below, to find out how these dudes ended up in Budapest, and better understand the double meaning of lungu lungu, a phrase that alludes to zigzagging through back streets, and also, corruption:

[vimeo width="620" height="349"][/vimeo]

Download: FOKN Bois, "Lungulungu"

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Lungu Lungu
Lungu Lungu: Welcome 2 D Future