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Stream: The Horrors, "Still Life"


Despite their popularity, The Horrors are underdogs. They were NME coverboys, fetishized by goth haircut lovers and unfairly unloved by actual goths with good ears. Their second, most recent, album, Primary Colours, was a pendulum swing the other way from their debut, going deep into the abyss with lengthy songs like "Sea Within a Sea." Skying, their third, due July 26th, which they produced themselves, tightens their act further, adding some electronic meander and even tiny horns to the mix. "Still Life" is a lovely song, singer Faris Badwan slinking around over a plodding, mid-tempo bass, waiting for action. When you wake up, you will find me, he sings, apparently ever-ready.

Stream: The Horrors, "Still Life"

Posted: May 24, 2011
Stream: The Horrors, "Still Life"