Lil Wayne, “How to Love” MP3


Dwayne Carter sings all of “How to Love.” It’s a melancholy tale about a woman whose good intentions and great moments didn’t last, who was not readily admired and never gave herself enough credit. But it’s not a joyless hymn—its acoustic guitar, 808 stutters and choral Ayyys bear no trace of sarcasm or embattled ego. Perhaps “How to Love” comes from the same sincere, untried place where Wayne’s previous non-rap mistakes were conceived, but we’ll choose to enjoy it anyway.

Download: Lil Wayne, “How to Love

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  1. Paul says:

    Lots of people hating on it…but it ain’t that bad….will probably grow on people

  2. Sacha says:

    Love the song.. love the way weezy can be versatile in the music industry..

  3. MANBEARPIG says:


  4. CamIsTheShit says:

    im actually diggin it.

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  6. marmar says:

    so surprising, I think it’s groovy. I really want to laugh and hate it but I don’t…

  7. Iamjacksbrain says:

    I’m in love!!!

  8. Iamjacksbrain says:

    I mean i’m digging it yo

  9. Gased Bod says:

    dis nigga is such a faggot

  10. Goddamn says:

    Wayne softer than fresh shit, but its catchy which will boost album sales 100 fold. Get ready to hear this for the next 3 months 24/7 white people radio stations

  11. C'Mon says:

    Drake wrote this. That’s corny.

  12. Jackie says:

    Love it!!