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Green Ova Undergrounds' Chandelier Mixtape


Fol Chen is a band on Asthmatic Kitty, Sufjan Stevens' record label. They fall vaguely into the indie rock universe, with wonky electronics and a circus music curiosity against bright and sharp female vocals. One of their members, Julian Wass, is clearly interested in exploring the sounds of video games and broken keyboards, as evidenced by the many solo instrumentals on his website. He is, apparently, also interested in rap, as first—and possibly best—illustrated in his thumb piano-based beat he made for Green Ova Undergrounds song with Danny Brown, "Cloud Skatin.'" Wass, along with the unknown L.W.H., have now teamed up with the the Oakland kids in Green Ova for an entire tape, Chandelier. They throw the kitchen sink into the production stew, Nintendo noise sitting comfortably against Spaghetti western. The title track sounds down right new age, which is appropriate as they are rapping about getting high.

Download: Green Ova Undergrounds' Chandelier mixtape

Green Ova Undergrounds' Chandelier Mixtape