Watched Items: Vintage Ralph Lauren

June 02, 2011

Every week, Amber Bravo chooses one thing to totally obsess over on eBay. This week she dives into Ralph Lauren's vintage Americana.

Nobody does late ’80s and ’90s casual dress better than Ralph Lauren. The embodiment of well-heeled leisure reached its apotheosis with this brand, and there's something strangely nostalgic and spirited about revisiting the pastiche. Do you want to be a cowboy? A yacht man? Or a sun-kissed prep? One of the best things about vintage Ralph Lauren is that it can swing wildly between the super laid back basics of Polo to the wildly flamboyant patterns of his main line. Ralph Lauren says you can be anything, as long as you're outdoors and acting like a gentleman/lady. Honestly, would this man steer you wrong?

This amazing men's nautical print terry cloth shirt (congrats to the lucky winner!)

southwestern shirt

Climbing shirt

Here are some other ebay scores: classic blue button down, floral shorts, a broad-striped wind jacket, silk sail boat print dress shirt, a basic chore coat, equestrian skirt and a striped sweatshirt.

Posted: June 02, 2011
Watched Items: Vintage Ralph Lauren