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Kendrick Lamar, "Sex With Society" MP3

Kendrick Lamar should be given some sort of a medal for bringing ambitious flows back to a neo-backpack rap underground filled with Drake, Big Sean biters, bored Native lazy Tongue nostalgists and expensive sneakers. "Sex With Society" is like a darker Blackalicious song, complete with vaguely pretentious but oddly endearing over-extended metaphor: Life's a bitch… but I'mma keep the pussy wet. Kendrick does that Gift Of Gab thing, repeating one awkwardly slanted cadence, but his flow is slower and his words more deliberately pronounced. And when coupled with the track's rinsed out breakbeat, it has a nearly trance inducing effect. Kendrick's #Section80 tape is dropping soon.

Download: Kendrick Lamar, "Sex With Society" (via RealTalkNY)

Kendrick Lamar, "Sex With Society" MP3