Video: DJ Khaled f. Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, “I’m On One” (Live at Summer Jam)

Ross takes it like a champ when the first mic they give him doesn’t work and the replacement sounds like it’s being broadcast from inside a garbage can. Regardless of brutal audio issues, “I’m On One” may very well have crowned itself as Song of the Summer at yesterday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam. Is Drake‘s small afro going to start a medium-length-hair craze?? Did they record this song after Drake photographed Wayne drinking syrup and eating nachos in a hot tub? Is Ross, with his Versace-esque open shirt, rap’s greatest large man style icon since Big? Is Drake playing air guitar with his microphone? Why are there songs that aren’t this song?

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  2. jeeash says:

    That’s the reason i don’t go to rap concerts! And what’s about Wayne’s pants? A kind of “souvenir” from jail?