Danny! f. Danny Brown, “Theme Music to a Killing Spree” MP3

Danny Brown

At what point do we begin to compulsively rewind rap verses? Hard to tell on a regular basis, but in this case it’s when Danny Brown says the kush got purple hair like a hood rat and then Danny! (different dude) comes in and goes your boy is a coked-out version of Pastor Troy, which, if you think about it, is actually terrifying since Pastor Troy already sounds like he is on steroids and PCP at the same time and spends his days putting dents in cars by unnecessarily jump kicking them.

Download: Danny! f. Danny Brown, “Theme Music to a Killing Spree”

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  1. Kyle. says:

    i thought this was Danny! song not the other way around. Love that Danny Brown randomness “we smut the prom king and cut the big man on campus”

  2. Vlad says:

    I remember reading this on Yourstru.ly and see that Danny! may have had wish come true partially.


    “I’ve rocked out — from being on my own to jumping to an indie label and now a major — and I still can’t get a f***ing Fader feature”

  3. fefesassy says:

    This is Danny! song. I love the new beat.

  4. New Spice says:

    Danny & Danny! = classic

  5. Worknprogress says:

    @ Vlad.
    Yeah that’s a trip huh? Danny! been doing his thing for a while but i think the main reason he on here is because he’s on a song with Danny Brown. :P Cool track nonetheless.

  6. Leslie says:

    @ Worknprogress: Pretty much. Politics as usual over at the Fader. Good to see Danny! get his shine finally