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S.C.U.M., "Summon the Sound" (Grimes Remix) MP3


Yesterday while walking down the block, we saw two supremely uncool looking dudes fiddling with a bunch of old electronics piled into cardboard boxes on the sweaty street. They were sitting there messing with the stuff when we first passed, and then were still at it close to an hour later. It might have been work or it might just have been an on the low shoot for a budding chillwave artist. Whatever the case, it pretty perfectly captures the vaguely harsh, ramshackle vibe of this Grimes remix of S.C.U.M.’s "Summon the Sound," which we wish we could say we were listening to at the time, but weren't.

Download: S.C.U.M., "Summon the Sound" (Grimes Remix)

S.C.U.M., "Summon the Sound" (Grimes Remix) MP3