FEATURE: Kanye West’s Time Has Come


“I get to represent somebody I don’t think is getting represented right now,” says West. “The regular dude: the guy who believes in God but still likes pussy. You know what I mean? The person that would spend his last [dollar] to try to get a hot car, not the person who says ‘Oh, we don’t buy, we just lease’ or the person who’s like ‘Oh, I have so many cars I could crash a car every day’ and shit.”

Although there are theists rich and poor who adore a good fuck, West’s second example better shows where he’s rhyming from—in his mind the “regular dude” is out car shopping. A bourgeois background is nothing new in hip-hop, of course. The music’s secret history is the way in which the middle class has pumped out gangs of tough-talking rappers and thus, as these things go, steered the fate of the music itself. What distinguishes West is not even that he’s openly admitting these values. West is distinct because he’s claiming the middle class as his own and rapping from that perspective, about that life, and directly to those listeners in myriad ways: a formula that propelled the huge success of Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation in ’98.

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  1. SethP says:

    Mark my words this kid is gonna make it!

  2. rap says:

    man i heard of this kid i really liked that joint Never change offa the blueprint

  3. Hatersgonehate says:

    Over-rated with his head up his ass—still.

    He’s always tried so hard to be a “regular dude”: aka try to look like a college student by his attire and all. Backpack in promo shots? Still? Really? Tries so hard. Sigh. Regular dudes don’t shop for cars on the regular, homie.

    “West raps because he wants to—not because he needs to”

    Guaranteed he feels like he NEEDS to rap at this point, just to keep releasing shit and getting press.

    Upcoming release forecast: Same old default keyboard sound with bright piano riffs looped and sampled on top of plenty of distorted auto-tune with the same cadence that all the kids have been spitting for a minute.

    If you pride yourself on being cocky, you’re still just a cock.


  4. SL says:



    get over it.

  5. Worknprogress says:

    Hatersgonehate is kind of right. Not choosing sides but he makes a point.

  6. ApexSF says:

    This is old.

  7. andy cohn says:

    This article was published in FADER 20, November 2003