Thrintage: Florence, Alabama Salvation Army

June 08, 2011

FADER contributors cross boroughs, counties and states to find fine thrifted and vintage pieces on the cheap for our column, Thrintage. This week, Deidre Dyer hits up Florence, Alabama to check out The Salvation Army.

After spending a lovely weekend in Florence, Alabama for the Billy Reid Shindig, I can now say that I am a big fan of four things: Pontoon boating, pimento cheese, Southern Hospitality and Florence's amazing Salvation Army. When we walked in, the helpful shop ladies greeted us warmly and inquired if we were shopping for prom dresses. I knew I was in for a treat. Located downtown on the commercial stretch of North Court Street, this shop was like a flashback to the better part of my adolescence.

A slew of TVs tuned to Shrek.

A cooler full of plushy friends. I fought the urge to take them home and arrange them by size on my bed.

Now to the real goods:

MY lovely travelmate, Liz Giardina, scored the fuzzy leopard clutch and the rose-in-lucite picture frame. Perfect for toting all flavors of your Lip Smackers lip gloss collection and storing pics of your boo-of-the-week!

In the men's section, I quickly picked out this striped Polo button down and these beat-down duck boots that have probably actually helped people hunt down many a duck.

Mall style reigned supreme in the women's section of the store. I was instantly transported back to shopping with my mom when I came across not one, but two tie-front shirts—perfect transition pieces for puberty and full midriff-baring years.

Black and white leather loafers, classic prep school style.

These L.E.I. platform sneakers are just begging to be worn with spandex biking shorts and a mini-backpack.

This denim graffiti mini skirt was a major find, totally emblematic of the era when EVERYONE wanted to dress like Aaliyah and rock some loud-ass Tommy Hilfiger gear. If only it had fit over my present day ladylike hips, the ones that Mother Nature hadn't yet granted me back when the skirt was THE hot item in MACY'S, I definitely would've copped this look. Despite my juvenile taste preferences, clearly I've grown in some areas.

Fuzzy Leopard Purse $.50
Rose-in-Lucite Picture Frame $1.00
Striped Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt $2.50
Beat-down Duck Boots $3.00
White USA Tie-front Shirt $2.50
Red Stamps Tie-front Shirt $2.50
Tommy Hilfiger Denim Graffiti Skirt $3.00
Black and White Loafers $3.00
L.E.I. Platform Butterfly Sneakers $3.00

The Salvation Army Thrift Store
205 N Court St, Florence, AL 35630

Thrintage: Florence, Alabama Salvation Army