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Young Thug's I Came From Nothing Mixtape

Young Thug's gruff, but his pitch is so high he sounds like a helium huffer. He showed up on Rich Kidz' consistently great Straight Like That 2 mixtape, sounding downright sour even while rapping about suicide doors. His "Eat U Alive," which graces I Came From Nothing, has been floating around, and when he makes the claim that he will indeed eat you alive, it's with such putrid vinegar that it sounds plausible he might sit down to dinner and cannibalize. The silencer sounds don't hurt, either. On "Achieve" he says, simply, I am not the best, but am I better than others, and he is right, but he could have said most. His voice is fucked up, it is awesome.

Download: Young Thug, I Came From Nothing mixtape

Young Thug's I Came From Nothing Mixtape