Chad Valley, “Now That I’m Real (Courtship Remix)” MP3

I’m about to finally watch the series finale of Friday Night Lights, television’s realest expression of my imaginary existence. It’s all I can think about, the culmination of five years of genuine emotional investment, and if Courtship’s remix of Chad Valley’s “Now That I’m Real” didn’t harp on lyrics like, We timed the finish, and we timed it oh so well and Preteeending that it’s never over, heavily reverbed and bounding through a mostly beatless interpretation of the original (see above, directed by Lucy Bridger), I might’ve avoided talking about it. God bless Chad Valley for crafting such an honest voicing of finding yourself, and to Courtship, thank you for pulling out the track’s melancholy and slowing the beat to the speed of a depressed body. The network TV comparison might seem trite, but the sad fact is that Friday Night Lights really means something, to the point that this is heartbreak, and this is a relationship ending. There’s no shame in dredging up those feelings. Chad Valley’s Equatorial Ultravox EP comes out June 21st on Cascine.

Download: Chad Valley, “Now That I’m Real (Courtship Remix)”

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  1. H. M. M. P. says:

    I love this remix.