Stream: DJ Khaled f. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, “I’m On One” Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C


OG Ron C, who’s recently ventured out of Texas to expertly screw/chop The Weeknd’s House of Balloons, continues to re-work Canadians, slowing down DJ Khaled‘s Drake vehicle, the inevitable summer jam, “I’m On One.” The song’s chorus refers to Drake’s recent syrup habit, and sounds appropriately loopy slow. Wayne sounds like he finally got that nap he wanted. Ross just sounds like a sea monster. This is what you listen to in a black hole and/or at a stop light in a rental car in Miami. Ron C is the champ!

Stream: DJ Khaled f. Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, “I’m On One” Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C

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  1. WhoUFeelin says:

    Totally feelin this screwed up and slowed down version.

  2. Dan Brown says:

    That Owl is Moloch he resides in Bohemian Grove, Nice rework of him. You can find him on the dollar bill or some WWII German icons.