Studio Time: Benny Blanco

We visited Benny Blanco at BMI’s Building-the-Beat workshop, where he spoke with upcoming producers, giving tutelage. Thing is, Benny’s pretty young himself, having been a pretty much teen phenomenon, working with folks like Spank Rock and Santigold before working the universal level of radio pop with the architect, Dr. Luke. Blanco’s stepped out on his own, though, working with Britney Spears and Wiz Khalifa. Still, he’s a goofy dude with a bunch of jewelry, a pretty serious Jew-fro and a cute dog. In addition to sitting down with us before dispensing advice, Blanco let us into his home studio, giving us a peak at the very casual way his big hits get made.

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  2. Armahn says:

    u shouldn’t sleep on the kids from Milwaukee