Numero Group Unearths Rare 1987 Raps From Cleveland


Best known for their fine soul reissues, the Numero Group dips their toes into the random rap craze with this unheard 1987 outing from Cleveland emcee Doc Rhymin’, cut at the Boddie pressing plant. Little is known about the good Doc but he is T La Rocking the vocabularic havoc style heavily on “Practitioner Of Rhymes.” Is trickulent a word? And what exactly does a gladiator of collusion do? The 12″ (which, unlike so many recent random rap reissue cash ins, isn’t being released in an overpriced and under-pressed run) offers three hard drum machine driven tracks of such aspiring intellectual fly-guy gibberish.

Stream: Doc Rhymin’, “Practitioner of Rhymes”

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