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Smoke DZA f. Domo Genesis, "Loaded (Remix)" (prod. by Lex Luger) MP3


Post Kid Cudi portraying himself as a lonely stoner wandering the streets, conventional wisdom has been that it is totally okay to rap about weed nonstop without really bothering to remember that it can get really boring listening to people rap about weed nonstop. Some dudes do it well—Wiz Khalifa can make smoking a joint seem as cool as owning a yacht (until you feel like you have an entire yard full of yachts all stacked on top of each other), Smoke DZA brags about it so much that it takes on a King of the Dorm Room quality that is hard to deny. "Loaded" is notable for a couple reasons, and none of them really have to do with smoking weed. First, it's produced by Lex Luger who sounds like he decided he needed some new inspiration and spent a solid week watching only ’80s horror films—meaning this is (relatively) subdued, and features way fewer instances where we feel like we're getting punched in the mouth by music. Second, it now features Odd Future’s Domo Genesis, who, like the rest of the crew, is not exactly known for venturing outside the Odd Future bubble. Who could blame him, though? This is a song about weed (he loves weed!), produced by Lex Luger, and everybody loves Lex Luger.

Download: Smoke DZA f. Domo Genesis, "Loaded (Remix)"

Smoke DZA f. Domo Genesis, "Loaded (Remix)" (prod. by Lex Luger) MP3