Video: Drake f. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, “I’m On One”

In this video, DJ Khaled is standing on a balcony looking out over the drizzly city drinking a Watermelon Four Loko. There’s longing in his eyes, like this song is being played as a sort of Sleepless in Miami kind of thing, but then whoops! Here’s Rick Ross, shirt unbuttoned, swerving through the city with a girl in the car. Living larger every second of every day while his friends lurk in empty condos and chill in parking lots. Happiness can only get you so far, but it got Ross this far, you know? Meanwhile, Drake is stuck in perpetual twilight with some dudes and a couch with plastic on it, and yeah, his skin is tanned and his is hair long. He’s where he should be. Wayne and Baby are below, flashing money and circling girls in a garage, also where they should be. It’s only Khaled, the man with the most outsized voice, who seems so alone. Drowning his sorrows in a drink that tastes like grass clippings and Jolly Ranchers. Having the song of the summer doesn’t always guarantee happiness (unless you are Rick Ross).

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  1. FLIP says:

    Between Watermelon 4Lokos and all that goddamn Khaled will be dead in a year or two, tops.

  2. FLIP says:

    * McDonald’s

  3. FLIP says:


  4. Jakub says:

    anybody know the name of the girl who is there in weezy’s part?

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