New Old Tupac Songs Leak, Everyone Gets Dissed


Two Death Row era 2Pac cuts, previously unreleased in their original form, found their way to the internet last night. “Watch Ya Mouth” and “NY ’87,” featuring Tha Dogg Pound, one time Ice Cube signee Threat and a short intro from DJ Quik. Both were recorded during the heart of rap’s coastal war and find the former MC New York delighting in his carpet bomb assault on the East Coast. Biggie, “Cream” Puff, Jeru, Mobb Deep, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Wendy Williams and then Death Row defector Dr. Dre meet with their crosshairs. Meth, Red and KRS, however, are formally spared. Nas is dissed on one song and given a pass on the other.

Download: 2Pac, “Watch Ya Mouth”

Download: 2Pac, “NY ’87″

And, to balance out the vitriol, here’s Pac’s NYC tribute “Old School”:

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  1. ja’rule lookin ass

  2. pedro says:


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  9. rahn geez says:


    Dude. He was before JaRule? . . . arsehole!

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  11. ryan says:

    damn, any ideas on who produced ‘NY 87′?

  12. dave trouble says:

    This child could have ruled the world.

  13. Lone wolf says:

    Wish i could be excited about this but when 2pac did diss records shit got ugly and gave hip hop period a black eye. But that just goes to show how much influence he had on his listeners. I remember when he was killed I was on the bus at the time and this kid was on his headphones crying and i asked him what was wrong…He said Pac was like a father to me. SMH.

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  15. Bouli says:

    NY87 isn’t a 2pac song it’s a DOGG POUND song where Pac jumps on one verse at the end. The shots taken at Tribe Called Quest, Jeru and them are not taken by 2pac but by KURUPT… please be accurate in your posts it can mislead people and create unnecessary tensions.