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Tyler, The Creator’s Summer Camp Mix

July 05, 2011

This weekend while you were popping off fireworks or doing whatever drugs you do for America, popular rap artist Tyler, The Creator put together a Summer-oriented mixtape while wheelchair-bound and in the trenches of a European tour. Tyler, whose musical tastes tend to be rigidly defined yet completely unpredictable, offers a pretty molecular breakdown of his influences: Neptunes, neo-soul, Toro y Moi, Neptunes, more Neptunes, Stevie Wonder, Grizzly Bear, Tupac, N.E.R.D., James Pants, etc. He also drops a preview of his own, as yet unheard, "Analog Pt. 2" and brings back the most underrated song in the Odd Future catalog, Domo Genesis' crawling "Drunk."

If you are the type of person who loved Jill Scott's "A Long Walk" when you were a teenager but then buried that feeling in the deepest corners of your brain because you didn't want your friends to realize how soft you were and then left it there for ten years, you might experience some weird but oddly satisfying emotions when listening to this mix. Not that this happened to me or anything. I'm just saying. Mediafire seems to have already deleted the link on the official OF site, so here's a less than official Hulkshare link instead.

Download: Tyler, The Creator's Summer Camp Mix

Tyler, The Creator’s Summer Camp Mix