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Grimes, "Crystal Ball" (Babe Rainbow Remix) MP3


Is it just us or does it sound like Grimes is chanting Last.FM for a good portion of this song? Probably just us! If only we had another three or four minutes to figure it out. Babe Rainbow’s rework of the track is gorgeous, if far too brief. Here he cuts up Grimes' vocals over jittery drums and an intense ambient rise of sound. This is music that is designed to be listened to while staring at nothing, which we highly recommend. Except then usually someone will ask what you're looking at, and you'll have to go into a whole emotional discussion about the power of music and sadness and it'll probably get pretty weird. Maybe just stick to listening when you're alone? It's better that way.

Download: Grimes, "Crystal Ball" (Babe Rainbow Remix)

Grimes, "Crystal Ball" (Babe Rainbow Remix) MP3