Video: Benoit & Sergio, “Around the World (Daft Punk Cover)”

Washington DC duo Benoit & Sergio’s cover of “Around the World” is interesting not because they’ve slid the Daft Punk original into deep, deep electro funk territory (sacrilege, blasphemy, etc. etc.), but because their slower, more vulnerable version so perfectly captures that groggy, morning-after feeling of having last night’s hook still bouncing around your head.

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  1. snugglefrau says:

    Duncan you might be better at capturing a stance on electronica rather than hip hop. Still trying to decide if I like this track..seems overly simple at times but fits the video. Perhaps nostalgia changes perception in an instant to the better.

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  3. Captain Pantelones says:

    Crap. It’s a boring song they made in 20 minutes that’s only getting play because it cops the lyrics from an all-time classic. Be sure to check their follow-up record “Hey Jude.”