ASAP Rocky, “Wassup” (Chopped and Screwed by Slim K) MP3


At regular speed, the ASAP Rocky/Clams Casino mind melt “Wassup” is like a rolling field of lavender—dense, real pretty, aroma-therapeutic and headache soothing. Rolled out and rumpled by Slim K, it’s even more deep purple. When Rocky says Tell em quit the bitchin/ We gon make it a second, you know he’s lying. Obviously he’s not going anywhere or going to do anything for anyone else—he’s as in-it and unmoving as a trance meditator. Spend some time in his warped doldrums, and you’ll start believing that no one should bitch about anything ever again—we’re all pretty and we’ll get where we’re going eventually.

Download: ASAP Rocky, “Wassup” (Chopped and Screwed by Slim K) (via RNT)

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