Stream: Theophilus London’s Album Timez Are Weird These Days


Theophilus has proven no one looks better in Western gear than him. On the cover of his album, the brim of his hat is about as wide as he is tall. And he’s slouching a little, too. The album, his full length, official, major labor debut, starts with a song where he product-places Cole Haan, who made him a model, and includes the futuristic sex brag, She get naked on Skype. The album loosens, though, London fulfilling the Elvis Costello promise of his This Charming Mixtape on “The Lighthouse,” before ending with some manic ’80s movie pop with “I Stand Alone.” Come to think of it, he’s kind of like Duckie. Or at least he dresses like him. Listen over at Spinner.

Stream: Theophilus London, Timez Are Weird These Days

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  4. cool out says:

    Looking like Fab Five Freddie at the rodeo. Giddyup.

  5. empress718 says:

    Theophilus performs a free concert in Brooklyn on Sat. July 24 at 6pm at Weeksville. Come check it.

  6. Bernard says:

    For the Fader Community,
    Mr. London performs live for free at Amoeba Hollywood tonight. The show will also be streamed 6pm pst. Catch it at:

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