Meet Five Designers From Capsule Men’s Tradeshow


Yesterday was the start of Capsule Tradeshow, perhaps the most wonderful time of the whole year for menswear fanatics. There’s about a billion amazing brands stuffed into a warehouse space on the westside of New York all showing us the future of our closets. We caught up with designers, CEOs and managers of five of our very favorites and asked them about the spring 2012 collections.

Hao-Chou Joe Hwang of Repo Brand: I was born in Taiwan but I came to America by myself when I was 13. I wanted the American dream. I finally started my brand two and a half years ago. I just began with the idea of taking vintage wear and asking how I can redo, modify, renovate and still keep the original spirit. I absorb vintage details in my head and somehow put them all together. I try to keep a well-balanced design. For this season, I just thought of going to a summer place, what colors you see, the boats you see. This is the first time I’ve done a show in New York, but I just love Capsule. I think I’ll be a loyal exhibitor.

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