Capsule Tradeshow: A Pick of Spring’s Best Gear

July 19, 2011

Capsule Tradeshow is dizzying. There's four floors of so much polka dots, chambray and nautical stripes that you feel like you're in the walk-in closet of a very fashionable but deranged hoarder. We're right at home! Earlier today, we did our best to make sense of the insanity by interviewing five of our favorite designers in the show, but we also think it might be best to let the visuals do most of the talking. Also, we're just exhausted from touching so much selvedge denim. Here's a look at some of our favorite items.

18 Waits

Lunettes Kollektion

Burkman Brothers

Osborn Design Studio


Remi Relief

Franks Australia

George Cox


Reyn Spooner

Bill Amberg

Marshall Artist

Mark McNairy

Capsule Tradeshow: A Pick of Spring’s Best Gear