Interview: Soulja Boy

Just before Soulja Boy came through the FADER office, he cut his hair. We were excited to see the cut from the cover of his Juice mixtape, but a role in a film in Connecticut had caused him to buzz it back down. Despite that letdown, Soulja was excitable as ever, talking exuberantly about his recent trip to Brazil, about staying busy in a big house as a young man, and, less excitedly, about making music. Does Soulja Boy know he is a really innovative producer with a great ear for beats? Even if so, he’d rather talk about just about anything else.

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  1. souljagirl1989 says:

    I love you soulja boy xoxo

  2. Corn Genius says:

    i was wondering who do i contact in order to get a collab with soulja boi

  3. KaeKaeSODMG says:

    MuahhhtumyOCEANGANGBooSouljaBeezy!!!!!!!! I ♥ Yu Dre!!!! Yu are Amazing…; )

  4. Sunny D says:

    Not movie theaters…BUT “THEE-ATERS” according to Soulja Boy. Smh…