Video: Prince Rama, “Incarnation” as Performed by G. Lucas Crane of Woods

We’ve now spent a little time with Prince Rama’s upcoming Trust Now, and we’ll tell you that the last thing we thought we needed out of it was people doing karaoke versions of the tracks. Like, it’s already such a swirling, vast, overwhelming record. Not sure we need multiple interpretations of it by other people, you know? But, turns out we do actually need that, because in addition to being all those things above, Trust Now is a very serious listen. Sometimes it is even exhausting. So seeing a bunch of people do amateur renditions—as filmed by Ian Perlman—is actually a nice breather. Okay, okay. Maybe “nice” isn’t quite the word this time around. Awkward? Weird? Discomforting? G. Lucas Crane of Woods does “Incarnation.” There’s a gold curtain and a disco ball. Stay tuned for other renditions from other musical luminaries—coming very soon.

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