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Lunice, "Guardian" MP3


Last Saturday may be remembered as one of the hottest days ever in the history of time, but it sticks in our memories not because we were dripping sweat for over 24 hours straight, but because Montreal's Lunice played a completely mindblowing set at MoMA's PS1 Warm Up series. It was the kind of day where you'd be completely forgiven for hiding out inside directly in front of a giant stack of industrial air conditioners, but the faithful troopers (us included) braved the elements anyway. Guess what! Completely worth it. During his DJ set, Lunice danced around, lip-synced to every song and did the whole thing seamlessly without headphones. It got to the point that dudes were up in his face with their iPhone cameras just filming him having fun. Imagine having so much fun that someone decides to film you having it. So weird. But in addition to being a Canadian guy that really likes putting good jams in a row and looking ecstatic while doing it, Lunice has also been making something of a name for himself with his own productions, including "Guardian," a buzzing, smoothly unsettling track from his upcoming EP One Hunned, which is out August 16th on LuckyMe. We'd call it a highlight, but the entire record is actually just one giant highlight.

Download: Lunice, "Guardian"

Lunice, "Guardian" MP3