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Video: Wu Lyf, Live at Knitting Factory

Wu Lyf singer Ellery Roberts is an excitable mushmouth, spitting gibberish at shows often first in denim and then shirtless. He, like the rest of the group, is a pasty fellow, evidence of the sun that never gets seen in their native Manchester. But even if they lived in Miami, they'd probably be pale, pasty skin a telltale sign of a devoted nerd. And they are a studied group, adept at their instruments and tight in playing their songs' intricacies. It's not often that skill like theirs is meant with such great zeal. The first Wu Lyf show I saw had a crew of very young girls in flower onesies with dyed hair losing their minds, singing along in tongues to unintelligible lyrics. They were having more fun than the band, who, for their part, are having a decent heap of fun. That was the same situation at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory this past Saturday. We filmed three of the band's songs from their new album Go Tell Fire—"Dirty," "Spitting Blood," and "LYF."

Video: Wu Lyf, Live at Knitting Factory