Body Conscious: Making Smoothies With Homeboy Sandman

Staying physically and mentally fit is the young person’s holy grail, but there’s simply no right way to do it. In our Body Conscious series, we’ll explore how some people protect their minds and bodies. This week, Homeboy Sandman shows us how to make cheap and easy power food.

Very funny/prolific rapper Homeboy Sandman doesn’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen. But he’s hooked on vitamin and fiber-rich green smoothies, and let us come over one super-hot afternoon to learn his go to, modifiable recipe. To get your vegetables in Sandman’s way, stock up on powerhouse greens (like spinach or kale, which is cheaper), tart fruits (raspberries are fresher, tastier and cost less when you buy them frozen), natural sweeteners (banana for texture, even-sweeter dates or raisins for fun) and lubricate the mix with some hydrating coconut water. Mix your favorite combos up in whatever blender you like. Homeboy Sandman uses a space-efficient Magic Bullet that works and washes effortlessly. The result? “Tastes mad purple,” he says. It also boosts energy and is as deliciously easy on the wallet as it is on the stomach.

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  1. Its such a breath of fresh air to see a progressive hip hop talent getting love on your site! This is an awesome thing to push as well.


  2. Andy says:

    I totally made these and they were great. Thanks Sandman.

  3. grover watts says:

    i made these. so simple. so good for you. and everybody loves a dude who can whip up a quick smoothie on the spot. for real. unless they closed minded widdit.