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Fam-Lay, "Beach Cruiser" MP3


The Neptunes are nothing if not loyal. Half a decade after Fam-Lay’s very promising string of singles flopped under their Star Trak imprint, they still regularly put in studio time with the under-appreciated Norfolk rapper. And the galaxy is better off when they do. Laced by their quieter half Chad, "Beach Cruiser" recalls the glory days of Neptunes jaw droppers and mindfuckers. It's go-go as imagined by space mutants, powered by shifting tectonic plates, dubstep wobbles and little fluttering melodies that happen all at once and yet meld together in a completely logical fashion. Fam sounds considerably more energized than he did in his Star Trak days, but no less unique, threatening bicycle drive-bys while bending his flow to the track's will, or the track to his flow's will. Or something. Rhythms and wills are definitely being bended and spaceships are definitely landing and you should really just press play on that Hulkshare.

Download: Fam-Lay, "Beach Cruiser"

Fam-Lay, "Beach Cruiser" MP3