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Video: ASAP Rocky, "Peso"

Though it probably involves more fancy scarves than in eras past, the clip for "Peso," the latest offering from budding Harlem blog darling ASAP Rocky, is an otherwise pitch perfect modernization of the classic NY Rappers Hanging Out video. Dice games, 40s, bodegas, superfluous posse shots. All that's missing is the requisite flaming garbage can scene. But this is reflective of what ASAP does well as a rapper and personality—he takes the norms and attitudes of rap's past generation and slides them ever so carefully into the present tense of Tumblr rap. Now he just needs to figure out how to make a song that's longer than three minutes.

I don't know nearly enough about emasculate indie music to ID the sample on the hook. Can you, reader? Speak on it!

Video: ASAP Rocky, "Peso"