Pusha T f. Kanye West and Young Jeezy, “Amen” MP3


Early in “Amen,” Pusha T says something he would not have five years ago: They keep telling me to go hard/ Number one spot you was made for. It’s a pretty generic, harmless boast. But compare that to the flippant opening line of Hell Hath No Fury‘s “Ride Around Shining”: All I wanna do is ride around shining while I can afford it. Either he can’t afford it anymore, or he still can and it lost its shine. He’s worth something to someone, though. This past Saturday, Kanye West headlined Gothenburg, Sweden’s Way Out West festival. He flew out about a half million ballerinas, par for the course, but he also brought Pusha T, who came out for maybe a minute at most, to do his verse on “Runaway.” The economics of that are baffling, but it’s telling of the emotional investment he’s made in Pusha. Flex dropped the single, from Pusha’s upcoming official release of the Fear of God EP, and it sounds major, or at least is set up to be major, with guest spots from Young Jeezy and Kanye himself. Still, despite who’s billed at top, it’s Kanye who raps first.

Download: Pusha T f. Kanye West and Young Jeezy, “Amen”

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  1. Matt says:

    Matthew, Mr. blog writer, why all the hate on Pusha?

  2. Aaron says:

    Might wanna get you’re info right, this sogn here is probably from a mixtape, This beat is from jezzy’s TM 103.. its the first track from that album ironically titled “Amen”.