Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K., “I’m A Goner” MP3


Today, Converse released “I’m A Goner,” the latest addition to their growing archive of Three Artists, One Song collaborations. Matt & Kim wrote the song’s base, aiming, “to make a song people can party to,” says the duo’s Matt Johnson. Then, they worked with good times guru Andrew W.K. and goofy heartthrob Soulja Boy to fill out the fete. Soulja Boy says the experience was a warm one. “Meeting Andrew W.K. was dope. He was a fan of mine. When I got onto the video set, he was like, Yo man, I’m a fan of your music. I was listening to his records as well, and he got some dope songs.” A video for the track featuring all the artists will debut on MTV2 at 1:30PM this Sunday.

Download: Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K., “I’m A Goner”

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