Soulja Boy @TheFADER Twitter Takeover


Since Soulja Boy’s been on the cover of our magazine, he’s been by the office to visit twice. Both times, he wore red, and smiled enough to add a couple years to our lives. On Tuesday our news issue, FADER #75 featuring Frank Ocean and The Rapture—arrives on newsstands. To celebrate the end of Soulja Boy’s cover run, we’re letting him take over our Twitter account for awhile. Got something you’d like to ask him? Here’s your chance! Tweet your questions @TheFADER right now. Then watch our tweets this afternoon. He’ll be taking over, answering questions and sending well-wishes, live from 3-4PM.

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  1. blessedworld says:


  2. Fernando garcia says:

    Hey soulja remeber when u called me like two yrs ago? I told u thru myspace “eyy bro hit me up”then the nxt day u did aqain nd then on thanksgivinq i called u nd u answered!
    Tht waz soo awsome!!:)
    lol well i gawt another question can u help me wit a record deal plzz bro!!?:(

  3. brooks says:

    love you souljaaaaaaaaaa boy

  4. jennifer says:

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  5. R Fitz says:

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