Stream: Blood Diamonds, “Grins” (Deptford Goth Remix)


It’s not often that the word “goth” makes us think of positive times, but that’s what happened with Deptford Goth’s remix of Blood Diamonds’ “Grins” which begins with a solemn, muffled…xylophone? It might not be a xylophone. For the sake of this post, it’s a xylophone. That instrument is never not happy, so when it shows up here, it feels like kind of a shock. Don’t worry though, the song takes a dark turn pretty quickly, but it doesn’t feel emptily dark. Instead it’s a more organic, homemade darkness. Positive times! Kind of! Blood Diamonds has a 7-inch coming out on Transparent very soon.

Stream: Blood Diamonds, “Grins” (Deptford Goth Remix)

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