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Video: Frenchie, "So Gone"

Frenchie might be the least adored and consistent of the Brick Squad Monopoly but when he does hit the mark he tends to do so immaculately—"So Tired" and "Nightmares" come to mind. Though mellower and more of a nod to his New York roots, "So Gone" seems like an early contender for that same upper echelon of Frenchie's discography. I briefly considered just filling this space with an extended text rendition of Frenchie's trademark Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! Frenchie! with about a thousand extra "e"s but then I worried that such an act might not go over well with the FADER editor overlords. Trust though that this was the only sound going through my head upon hearing "So Gone."

Video: Frenchie, "So Gone"