The Drum, “Omar” MP3


Maybe a better way of figuring out the buried samples of The Drum‘s “Omar” is to look at the Chicago duo’s semi-recent Soft Flex Mixtape, where the R&B vocals are more easily deciphered, swirling through Missy Elliott and Aaliyah’s “Beat 4 Da Streetz”, Ludacris’ “Rollercoaster” (the Shawnna and Dru Hill parts), Whitney Houston, some ghettotech, Ginuwine and the closing bars of The-Dream’s “Fancy.” “Omar,” off their upcoming EP Heavy Liquid, is all that condensed into five frenetic minutes, like a glimpse of J. Holiday or whoever from the train window, sampled syllables barely forming phrases before they’re filtered out into echoing nothingness and the sound of brakes for the next stop.

Download: The Drum, “Omar”

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  1. pinkie says:

    im listening to this in the shower… SOOO SEXXXY!!!