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Ital's Little White Earbuds Mix

This mix is basically modern classical music. Stick around for the creepy Robert Ashley moment, at least. There's a moment with opera and overlaid with what sounds like aliens beaming down from space. Ital is rough, organic electronics. See the difference? Neither does he. Or maybe he does too much, or both, or neither. That's basically how the gem of the accompanying interview sounds: "I feel like working electronically, one thing that became apparent to me as soon as I started seriously working on tracks was, you have to fuck shit up somehow. Because if you just go with what’s given to you, what some program designer or synth engineer provides you with, you’re working within some pre-prescribed conception of what sound or music is. And the whole point of music is you come to it to feel free and to feel alive, to engage with the abstract nature of your existence. I feel like working with a computer, it’s really, really, really easy for things to become very clean and safe and boring and not powerful." It's a decent start to a necessary manifesto.

Download: Ital's Little White Earbuds Mix

Ital's Little White Earbuds Mix