M.E.D. f. Hodgy Beats, “Outta Control” (Prod. by Madlib) MP3


M.E.D.’s new Stones Throw release Classic, produced almost entirely by Madlib, turned up on our desks last week. We squinted and tried to remember how we recognized him, think probably from the verse he got on Madvillainy. On “Outta Control,” M.E.D. clicks his lighter, takes a hit then nerds out, comparing his swag to Star Wars. Hodgy Beats, whose long held the goal to rap on a Madlib sample-collage, sounds at ease, already a veteran, comparing himself to Kid Rock. Someone squeals out Turn the beat up at the end. Why not!

Download: M.E.D. f. Hodgy Beats, “Outta Control” (Prod. by Madlib)

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  1. wheredabeatzat? says:

    file not found Naomi Zeichner .

  2. wilsonreps says:

    dude killed it. sounded like a seasoned pro. i can’t wait for madlib to drop some shit like this again, a good collab is long overdue. the dude at the end of the track btw is Jadakiss on Put your hands up.

  3. Naomi Zeichner says:

    Works for me, works for that dude!

  4. naw srsly says:

    hulkshare link dont work bruh