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Psychic Ills, "Mind Daze" MP3

There is something about Psychic Ills that makes them sound older than their years. It's not that they actually are, Dins, the album that made us be like, WHOA PSYCHIC ILLS, came out in 2006. That is not that long ago. Babies that were babies in 2006 are basically still babies. Nevertheless, there's a certain aged quality to the music they make. It's steeped in years of dudes in New York making weird music, but it also sounds fresh. "Mind Daze" might come from an album that's not even out yet, but it could have come out twenty years ago, or twenty years from now and it would still sound exciting. Hazed Dream is out October 18th on Sacred Bones. Watch a video that previews other tracks from the record right here.

Download: Psychic Ills, "Mind Daze"

Psychic Ills, "Mind Daze" MP3