Interview: ASAP Rocky

Last year, ASAP Rocky left Manhattan and moved to Elmwood Park, New Jersey with his mom and little sister. He’s been rapping more or less seriously since he got his GED four years ago and now his song “Peso,” produced by 17-year-old neighborhood kin ASAP Ty Beats, is in rotation on Hot97. Underlying this momentum, Drake tried to tweet a compliment at Rocky over Labor Day weekend, but mentioned an impostor account instead and deleted traces of the mistake. Rocky doesn’t use Twitter.

In August, Rocky hosted collaborators and internet friends, SF rap duo Main Attrakionz and Florida’s Spaceghostpurrp, at his Garden State condo. Rocky’s been busy in the city, so we met him downtown in a secret blunt-safe basement beneath a clothing store. He told us why he’s not selling drugs anymore (“It’s corny”), what ASAP stands for (everything) and what kinds of girls he likes to fuck (weird ones). Rocky performs with Spaceghostpurrp, GHE20 G0TH1K and Das Racist tonight at Santos Party House. See you there!

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